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Не надо денег

Безнаказанность советского сервиса порождает неимоверную наглость. Сломался макбук, а в сервис центре говорят - пишите Стиву Джобсу, это не наши проблемы. Не нравится политика - пишите Президенту. Не нравится международная ситуация в мире - пишите Пан Ги Муну. Я письмо и написала. Начав с Джобса, возможно дойду и до высших инстанций.

Два месяца назад я обратилась в центр с проблемой поломанного шарнира, которые по гарантии сломаться не могут так быстро - показала фото по инету, центр поддержки в России сделал заказ деталей (эппл обещает чинить такие поломки бесплатно), а мак надо к ним нести, когда детали прибудут. Детали не прибыли в течение двух месяцев. Когда сломался сегодня винчестер - мы позвонили чтобы ПЛАТНО поменять его, нам сказали: "Да, конечно, 10 000 руб, но деталей нет".

Dear Steve,

I'm writing to you from Russia about my Macbook Air, which has broken only after a year and a half of careful using (my parents made me this present on 7th May 2008). Suddenly while I was closing it in a usual way a damage happened (see pic.1,2,3 in the attachment). I was really upset, because repairs of macbooks in Russia means death: http://community.livejournal.com/ru_mac/12165763.html (you may see what they have done with other macbook airs).

But I was lucky my mac broke a bit later, when we have a documnet TS2948 (http://support.apple.com/kb/ts2948), which means a free change of a cover (SVC,DISPLAY CLAMSHEL). That's why I sent an application on the 23rd of November 2009 to one of the authorized centers in Russia (http://www.apple.com/ru/support/contact/). In http://macsolution.ru/. They told me I need to wait until spare parts would come from US.

I was waiting for the spare parts for two months, and now every center says they don't have the parts because of the problems at the custom-house and they need some kind of a document which they don't have and no one knows will they ever have it.

Moreover at this moment my HDD broke (it takes several hours just to turn mac on) and it really surprised me - mac just fell apart only after a year and a half of using. Okey, I'm ready to pay an enormous sum for a new HDD, but guess what? I can't do it in Russia! They don't have genuine spare parts.

Actually Macbook Air was a birthday present from my parents, and it wasn't a cheap present for our family. But I assured my parents mac is really worth that - it won't break and it is going to help me for a long time and I won't have problems with products of your company. I even assured my friends your company is the best and the future is after you. And even lecturers in my institute were going to buy macs because of my recommendations. I thought paying 2 500$ for a computer will help me to avoid problems for at least several years.

But now I'm confronted with difficulties, I have a problem and I'm alone with it. There's no any support. After two months of waiting Russian suppport told me it's not their problem they have not details and I should write directly to Steve Jobs.

I really hope it is just an unpleasant misunderstanding from the direction of Russian support and you can solve my problem. I still believe in your company and I'm ready to wait until February 7 when I have to go again to my university after holidays. And Mac was exactly for this aim. Moreover I have a diploma this year and I have no idea where I can write it with a broken mac.

By the way I couldn't find any email on your site (apple.com) who I can write to if my service centre can't help me. And actually I'm not sure the emails I've found in the internet are correct too. Hope at least one email will be correct.

Looking forward to your answer,

Реальная жизнь все ближе приближается к художественному вымыслу.
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