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le tigre - deceptacon

удосужилась найти текст
отличной песни.. =)

Every day and night
Every day and night
I can see your disco disco dick is sucking my heart out of my mind
I'm outta time
I'm outta fuckin time
I'm a gasoline girl with a vaseline mind, but
Wanna disco?
Wanna see me disco?
Let me hear you depoliticise my rhyme.
One! Two! Three! Four!
You got what you been asking for.
You're so policy free and you're fantasy wheels and everything you think
and everything you feel is alright, alright, alright, alright, alright.

всё-таки, если не понимать слов,
музыка более волшебна..
а тут так все пошло ...

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